About this region

Its popularly known as the heel of Italy's boot. It's located on a strip of land in southeastern Italy between the Lonian and the Adriatic sea, which gives to this region a total of 500 miles of coastline to fall in love forever. Bari is Puglia´s capital and one of the six provinces with charming landscapes that make this region an authentic treasure.

Apulia is land of extra-virgin olive oil and exquisite wines. Olive trees and vineyards are part of the view and invites you to discover unique perfumes and genuine flavors at the table. The traditional Apulian cuisine has a secret: every ingredient is grown locally, so it is fresh and it has  a distinguished quality.

The heart of Apulian gastronomy could be discovered through its local taverns or renowned haute-cuisine restaurants, where visitors also surprise their palate by trying a wide array of fish, sausages and cured meats, all skyfully prepared with traditional culinary art. Apulia is a city of flavours to enjoy.

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