360 Money Back + Proof of Authenticity

With Neverending Tourism

  • You get the finest regional products at your table directly from local producers, selected by our local food & wine advisors
  • You can check product authenticity and know more by scanning a QR code on the product
  • Your purchase is protected by 360-Money-Back guarantee

Proof of Autenticity

360º Money Back

How it works

You push the button and get a refund

Delivery delay — nothing needs to be done by the buyer user if actual delivery date > expected delivery, then the agreed refund is automatically sent to the user’s selected payment method. Other events — normally the user is refunded on the selected payment method after returning the purchased item, but some exceptions could be made case by case

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Delivery delay

Automatic refund based on days of delay

  • Up to 3 days — 20%
  • Between 4 days and 1 week — 30%
  • 1-2 weeks — 50%
  • 3+ weeks — 100%
  • 15% of value if it was a gift

Bad Products

Defective/damaged product, wrong product, etc.

Up to 100 €

  • No further actions needed. Above 100 €
  • With product pictures needed (for “defective” / “wrong” cases) or problem description (for “other” cases) needed; product return required if item value more than 1,000€

«I don’t like it»

Don’t like or changed your mind

Up to 100 €

  • Full refund for up to 3 cases in 2 months. From 100 € to 500 €
  • Full refund up to 500 € – for the first case in 6 months
  • 50% voucher code up to 500 € – for 2nd/3rd case in 6 months
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