About this region

This region is in the south of Italy and it is set along the Tyrrhenian Sea. Campania borders to the north with Lazio and Molise, to the east with Apullia and to the southeast with Basilicata. Campania and its food could be represented as a big table with a long menu of distinguished and fresh flavours. 

Land and sea give their best resources to compound the excellence of Campania´s characterics tastes:  tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, fresh and dried fruit, citrus fruit and blue fish. In addition, pasta, which is considered the base for lunch and dinner. Besides a countless list of wines that tells the history of centuries and of course the "olio", high quality of olive extra virgin oil, that is the protagonist from the Mediterranean diet. 

It's impossible to think about Campania without taking into account one of its favourite dishes: pizza. Campania is famous for pizza, too, especially its capital Naples, where it is said modern pizza has its birthplace. Campania loves cooking and all its knowledge has become a kind of heritage transmitted from generation to generation. 

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