A new kind of culinary traveller emerges

When foodie travelers start thinking about visiting a new place, they analyze not only the touristic information about what they can visit or what they can do in some places, but they also want to create an experience. They love tasting main dishes, living their lifestyle, discovering the differences between each culture and traditions. This new type of visitor wants to live each day as locals do.

On this kind of trip, foodie travellers look for authentic culinary experiences. They enjoy visiting markets, festivals, food halls, as well as chatting with street vendors, and even eating at local´s homes. When they choose sit-down meals, they look for homemade dishes with local ingredients Cooking classes and food tours are also great ways to spend an evening.

They also focus on sustainability. They are interested in visiting restaurants that cook with seasonal ingredients sourced locally. Fresh, nutritive and tasty food is always their favorite option when it’s time to try new or typical dishes. 

When the Pandemic began, they found themselves limited in making this type of trip. The desire to have those experiences but at home arose. As a result, the online purchase of gastronomic products by foodie travelers increased, because it allowed them to feel that they were eating at home every meal from those places that they liked so much when traveling. For example, eating an Italian pizza makes you feel you are in Naples, but enjoying it at home.

It is now when the food vloggers take on relevance, because if you are a foodie traveler, you can find, through their videos, the way to make you feel part of that they love so much, travel. They share either recipes or experiences of different places they visited around the world, making you feel like you were with them. They allow you to enjoy almost the same experience, but at home.

Marketplaces began to emerge, too. Their convenience and accessibility also encourage you to purchase products online. You can make purchases without leaving the comfort of your homes. With these marketplaces, everybody can break the barrier of distances.

Aim.store is much more than a simple marketplace: it´s a gem for foodie lovers. It is the online equivalent of a local food expert for every Mediterranean region, who selects for you and helps you to choose authentic food and wine from the best producers of the region. Besides, Aim.store explains how to cook, taste, and conserve as a local would do. And the most important thing is that you can get the products delivered to your place directly from local producers without hassles (free shipping and authenticity & 360 money-back guarantees). So, you can share with your friends and family the local products you used in each trip and also you can bring them as a present, but now without leaving home: at any time you want you can have the best products right to your door.

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