2024 is the Year of Italian Roots (Anno delle Radici Italiane), offering a unique opportunity to explore authentic villages and centuries-old traditions. Discover Italy’s hidden gems, away from the typical tourist trails. Immerse yourself in Italy’s culture, nature, and genuine flavors.

A Journey into the Roots of Italy

2024 has been declared the Year of Italian Roots by the Italian government, an initiative aimed at rediscovering and celebrating Italy’s cultural and historical origins. This project seeks to promote the country’s hidden wonders, far from the crowded tourist routes. It’s not just a physical journey but a dive into the deep roots of a millennial culture often overlooked by conventional tourist paths.

For Italian descendants, following the paths of their roots is an authentic treasure hunt, where the treasure is their family’s origins. These routes, leading to lesser-known yet breathtakingly beautiful villages from where emigration began, offer a unique experience even for tourists without Italian ancestry, allowing them to discover another, authentic Italy away from the mainstream.

Unique and Immersive Experiences

Root tourism invites you to live authentic and immersive experiences, allowing you to connect with the true essence of Italian culture. Imagine participating in the grape harvest at a historic winery, learning to bake bread in an ancient stone oven, or following a shepherd during the transhumance. Each activity is an opportunity to get to know local traditions up close and discover a different Italy.

For instance, in Abruzzo, you can take part in the olive harvest and witness the production of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO), a tradition handed down through generations. To delve deeper into olive oil tourism and discover the best regions and activities related to EVOO, read our comprehensive guide on olive oil tourism in Italy. In Umbria, you can join a cooking class at an organic farm, learning to prepare traditional dishes like strangozzi al tartufo. In Marche, you can participate in a village festival and savor local delicacies like vincisgrassi, a rich lasagna typical of the region.

Villages of Longevity
Some of the most fascinating areas to explore are the villages of longevity, such as those in Ogliastra and Barbagia in Sardinia, and central Italy. These places not only offer stunning landscapes and authentic traditions but are also renowned for the extraordinary longevity of their inhabitants, making them ideal destinations for tourists interested in discovering the secrets of a long and healthy life.

Adventures in Nature
For outdoor enthusiasts, Italy offers a wide range of experiences immersed in nature along the new root tourism itineraries. Whether it’s hiking, mountain biking, e-biking, backcountry skiing, SUP, kayaking, or simple walks through the woods, there is always an adventure waiting. The varied landscapes, from the Apennine mountains to rugged coastlines, provide spectacular scenery in every season. Autumn, for example, brings incredible colors to the forests of Abruzzo, while the mild climate of the Madonie in Sicily makes it perfect for excursions even in the colder months.

A Culinary Journey

Discovering Italy’s roots also means experiencing its flavors. Each region of Italy offers unique culinary specialties, prepared according to ancient recipes and with local ingredients. Italian cuisine is a journey through time and space, where every dish tells a story. From cheeses to cured meats, from wines to olive oils, every taste is a chapter of a story waiting to be told and experienced.

In Tuscany, for example, you can savor the famous ribollita, a soup of bread and vegetables typical of peasant tradition. In Sicily, sweets like cannoli and cassata offer a unique sensory experience with intense flavors and intoxicating aromas. And then there’s Piedmont, with its prized truffles and robust wines like Barolo and Barbaresco, perfect for accompanying a memorable meal. Here, you can enjoy ravioli del plin, small pouches of stuffed pasta, and bagna cauda, a warm dip made from garlic and anchovies, brought to the Argentine pampas by Piedmontese migrants. In Liguria, try cappon magro, an elaborate seafood and vegetable dish that reflects the region’s rich culinary tradition.

An Invitation to Discover

2024 represents an unmissable opportunity to discover another side of Italy, one of roots, traditions, and authentic experiences. Whether you’re an Italian descendant or simply a lover of Italian culture, there’s a hidden and fascinating Italy waiting to be explored. This journey offers the chance to experience unique adventures, far from conventional tourist destinations, and to create unforgettable memories.

Immerse yourself in a timeless adventure and discover an authentic and genuine Italy. The Italy of roots is ready to welcome visitors with its stories, flavors, and traditions.

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