Since the pandemic started the whole world has turned upside down, all of us had to change our lifestyles. We had to spend more time at home, work at home, and do everything we have never imagined, at home.

Slowly and steadily, everything switched to online mode: companies, schools, colleges, gyms, cooking classes as well. Just like all the other activities in the economy, the food and restaurant industry faced an upheaval too and needed to reorganize the way it used to work.

Suddenly, everybody started cooking and looking for recipes on the internet. Quickly, cooking became a boom. So, chefs changed their habits and turned to social media, where Instagram and Facebook took the place of kitchen counters in front of an audience. Many of them had to become YouTubers and started to explore this new trend as they learned which buttons to push, how to control mobile phone cameras and ways to present recipes.

As this happend, chefs started to recognized virtual cooking classes had emerged as a niche area that has been faring well. Nowadays, whether you are looking for Italian, Japanese, Chinese, or Indian food, here are online classes for every interest. So chefs had to take it to the next level. They created new and interesting food experiences for their customers at home, the ‘At-home restaurant experience’.

With this experience, people would have the quality and presentation they would receive at the restaurant. 

A new category of virtual classes has emerged where you are delivered the ingredients. Think of this category as a combination of a live cooking class with a meal delivery service. Pre-portioned dinner packs are growing by the year. Chefs and cooks took this idea and used it to complement virtual classes by allowing customers to purchase ingredients from them to make the dish.  

These packs work well for people who don’t have the time to stop at four different grocery stores to find ingredients for just one dish. This system works quite successfully in the current times as you don’t need to step out of the house and you can cook safely at home. If you are a chef or food influencer, on, you can buy different packs with all the ingredients to make Mediterranean traditional recipes and offer an ultimate experience trend to your followers.

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