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This simple and tasty recipe, but unexpected and original, is perfect for a dinner with friends, as well as for a different and surprising first course with the family! It is the Loringhittas with sheep sauce.

Lorighittas are a typical Sardinian pasta and is originally from Morgongiori, a town at the foot of Mount Arci, in Sardinia.

This pasta is made exclusively by hand, one by one.

The origin of its name, lorigas, is due to many popular stories.

In the first case, it is said that the pasta was so called because it recalls the growths of the neck of goats or pigs. . Also known as “iron rings”,from the literary translation, since the shape is similar to that of the intertwined hoop earrings that women wore or iron rings that were once attached to the walls of local houses to tie horses and oxen when men returned from the fields.

In just over five minutes, you can offer a satisfying, tasty and lively first course that will win the heart of those who eat it.

An abundant grated semi-aged pecorino must be added, strictly Sardinian, ideal for giving an extra boost of flavor, but also for whipping and mixing all the flavors well together.

Let’s prepare this delicious dish! Check the following instructions: 

Lorighittas Araj Pasta360 g
Sa Bagna Brebei – Sheep ragout1 jar (300g)
Evo semidana extra virgen olive oil60 ml
Semi-aged Sardinian Pecorino cheeseTo taste (50g approximately)
SaltTo taste  (36g approximately)
Garlic1 clove

Steps to prepare this delicious dish:

The first thing you need to do is boil the water.
As soon as the water comes to a boil, pour in, the lorighittas The pasta cooking time is approximately 12 minutes.

While the pasta is being cooked, you can start with the sauce.

In a pan, roast unpeeled garlic with the oil. When it is roasted, remove the garlic and pour into the pan the sheep ragu the sauce, Sa Bagna Brebei. For a perfect result, heat the sauce by adding a ladle of pasta cooking water and add the drained pasta to the sauce. Cook over low heat for 2 minutes and when the pasta is ready, pour the lorighittas into the pan and sauté it a few minutes together, so the pasta takes the sauce flavor.

In the last minutes, season with plenty of grated semi- aged pecorino, mixing thoroughly. Turn off the heat and serve just warm.

Bon appetite!

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