When the days get colder, why not bring to the table a dish that warms the body and spirit?

At the end of a long day, treating yourself with a warming and comforting recipe linked to tradition is a real pleasure.

Certainly, legumes and hot soups prevail in the long and cold autumn-winter period, but for a self-respecting Sicilian, pasta is unavoidable.

Today we have chosen 3 very unusual Sicilian autumn dishes. Pay attention, as number 3 is nowhere to be found beyond the island.

In the first place, we chose lentils and “Cavatuna”.

This dish was traditionally made by the peasants of central Sicily. It is a hot dish prepared by the women of the past for their husbands and children who returned home after a day of work in the cold fields.

It is easy to make and, although it requires a slightly long cooking time, the results are exceptional.

It is prepared by adding to the typical lentil soup the “Cavatuna”, a homemade type of pasta in the shape of cavato, with a coarse consistency that speeds up preparation times. The pasta is added to the lentil soup so it would satiate more and for longer.

The dish is served hot with a drizzle of raw oil.

In second place, we recommend the “Cuccia” with chickpeas.

In my family we have the ritual of eating cuccìa with chickpeas every December 13th. On that date, in Sicilia, we celebrate our devotion to Saint Lucia, a saint very dear to the locals. Legend has it that on that day, a miracle took place, saving the inhabitants of the city of Syracuse from hunger and putting an end to famine.

The most famous version of cuccìa is the sweet one, but there are savory versions that include beans, chickpeas or just extra virgin olive oil and pepper, strictly served hot in winter with or without broth.

And finally the number 3, so well known and so rare to find outside the Island.

Baked Sicilian anelletti

The anelletti al forno alla siciliana is a dish that consists of baked pasta, and it is a typical Sunday family lunch course in the wonderful land of Sicily. The peculiarity of this delicacy is precisely the anelletti, a type of pasta with a shape that is almost impossible to find beyond the borders of the island.

Like in any traditional recipe, in every delicious pan of anelletti we find a very tasty ragù prepared with minced veal and pork, which is cooked slowly and for a long time. This painstaking cooking process allows to perfectly harmonize the flavors, because an excellent sauce always gives excellent dishes!

A simple but substantial recipe, not recommended for the hottest days.

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